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    2011 will be a year of significant website updates


     Added 1-11-2011: The Parts Section of the website has been completed. Part images will be updated on a constant basis as they become available. Inventory will hopefully be completed within the next few months. We are now going to focus on repairing the "Documents/Manuals" section to correct alignment issues.


     Added 1-06-2011: The Parts Section of the website is currently under construction and should be completed by months end. We have been  adding larger photos for greater detail and correcting minor alignment issues. There will also be a more accurate "live" count of inventory to keep the quantity errors to a minimum. We are preparing to re-count our entire inventory as soon as these updates are finished.


     Added 3-25-2009: We are in the process of upgrading our website to drastically improve performance. For example, the new layout will fix issues that are related to widescreen monitors, the Dial-up version will see dramatic load time improvements, the Supplies section has been expanded on and the Parts section will now provide a link to all available stock on one page for ease of searching. Since this website has grown exponentially over the past few years, the upgrade will be a on-going process and will be finished before the end of the year.


     Added 10-20-2007: After multiple requests, we added a Wishlist feature for all parts that are obsolete and not currently in stock. Since we receive new surplus, rebuilt and used parts on a weekly basis, this Wishlist feature will enable us to contact you if and when the part becomes available again for purchase. The Wishlist is integrated in the website and will be available on all requests that are recognized, obsolete and currently out of stock.


      Added 12-08-2006: Starting this month, we have decided to add many rare service documents to our ever growing website database. These documents will be made available under the Manuals section of Technical Support and will require website registration. A non-registered user will still be able to see which documents are available, but with no link to the documents. Included will be specific detailed circuit board component parts lists and other service related bulletins. We will also be posting many documents including service aids and schematics on obsolete equipment that we will no longer be servicing.


      Added 11-22-2006: A new Dial-up version has been integrated into our website. Now just press the Dial-up or High Speed button at the top of the Home page to display page information based on your connection speed. This will dramatically cut down load times on Dial-up.


      Added 4-17-2006: Warranty Repair Status has been added to our Status page. Now you can check the remaining warranty duration using the RMA number of any repair.  In the unlikely event that a previously repaired instrument fails, this will be very helpful in determining if your equipment is still under warranty.


      Added 12-31-2005: The Manuals and Specefications section has been upgraded with a menu driven  categorized database in order to make it easier to locate the product of interest. We also included a dedicated search engine for these documents.


      Added 12-12-2005: The Process Loop Equivalents calculator has been upgraded to include Square Root Linearization of either the Transmitter or Recorder/Controller.


      Added 9-3-2005: As we are continuously updating this website, we have added a Website Survey in order for our visitors to anonymously provide input on what they would like to see us add (or change) to best suite their needs.


      Added 8-8-2005: In response to numerous requests, New ABB Commander Series Instrument Sales has been added to our website with pricing and a ordering guide to help you choose the right options for your application.


      Added 7-24-2005: Instrument Pen Guide/Inventory has been added to our website.


      Added 7-07-2005: Instrument Chart Guide/Inventory has been added to our website.


      Added 6-10-2005: A Process Loop Equivalents calculator has been added to our conversions page. Now you can easily calculate the relationship between electrical inputs to engineering units. Very handy when troubleshooting.


      Added 6-3-2005: Have a question?  Live Support is only a mouse click away! Look for the link at the top of most pages.


      Added 5-12-2005: We no longer provide a 2-year warranty option. ALL repairs now come standard with the 2-year warranty.


       Added 2-15-2005: We have had numerous requests to have a Navigational menu added to make viewing our ever-growing web-content easier. We just added a BETA version of our Navigational Menu. This is still under construction, but it should make viewing our content easier.


       Added 1-13-2005: The much anticipated Status Link is finally on-line. You can now check the status of any repair / order, as well as track your package with UPS shipping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


     Added 12-6-2004: We have included a public forum link, where anyone can ask any question that will be available for anyone to answer.


     Added 11-30-04: We have included a Site Search Engine to help you find information a little easier in our ever-growing database. Just type in what you need, and the search engine will find any information on that topic within our pages.


     Added 11-22-04: You can now search for your ideal chart with our Chart Locator. We have a large and constant updated database of charts to choose from for a variety of instruments that we support. You can search by range, rotation, scale, or part number.


     Added 10-25-2004: We are now equipped to propely test & Calibrate Flow Sensing Heads up to 4" in Diameter (Flow is limited to 500GPM at this time).


     Added 6-7-2004: We have now installed a sandblasting chamber to properly restore many repairs (In particular, flow sensing heads, and Valves)


     Added 12-27-03: We are now equipped to handle ABB/BF&P 50XM converters at our facility.


      We are now able to troubleshoot and repair Smart Transmitters at our facility.


      We are now able to automate testing on multiple instrument boards. This allows us to quickly test boards, and get an accurate picture of where the poblem lies. This gives us the ability to provide the most accurate quote, and also allows us to offer an un-heard of 2-year warranty on most products.


     We have expanded beyond ABB based products, we are presently repairing Honeywell, Anderson, Watlow, Partlow, Bailey, Yokagowa, and others.



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