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PID Controller Designer - Version 2.5

How to visual loop tune a PID Controller

PID Controller Tuning Simulation


The program simulates a linear process having one input variable, u, and one output variable, y. There are three modes of operation available: Manual, Relay and PID. Also, the user can change the set point and control parameters. The program is written in Java v1.1.7 and the simulation algorithm implements the Euler integration routine.

Systems available:

System A
3rd Order, overdamped
System B
2nd Order, inverse response, negative process gain


Please Note:

The simulation can be customized to support other linear dynamic processes.  To do so, just download the file: newpid.zip and read the instructions in the MS Word file named ReadMe.doc in the zipped file.  (The new files will have to reside on your own website or folder since you will have no access to save into our webpage site.)



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