Unfortunately, I received a legal document today (12-4-2020) that lawyers representing ABB has reached out to us and asked that ABB branded material be removed. I have no problem complying because after all, they made and own those documents. I was just supporting them!


My website is grossly outdated and I will be redoing it and should have it on-line shortly.

But like I said, ABB documents and all the documents of obsolete equipment are now being removed. Of course that does not change anything for me business wise. You all know who we are and what we do. I had to smile when I read my old business card was an issue. Since when is truth an issue.

We can be reached at 503-452-1410. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am only complying with their request and they do own that material.

Thank you,

Ray Soappman

Discount Instrumentation Services

(503) 452-1410