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** Wanted: ABB / BFP 50XM Transmitter Cores **

** Wanted: ABB MagMaster / McCrometer UltraMag Cores **


Why DIS Is Your Best Choice For Electronic
and Pneumatic Instrument Service and Repair


 We provide expert component level repairs with equal or better than OEM specifications, calibration, NIST certification*, replacement parts, reconditioned units and much, much more.

 Our factory trained repair experience spans a huge variety of electronics. From simple electronic boards to complex surface mount technology and everything in between.

 DIS provides above industry average repair turn-around time. Our normal turn-around time is usually 10 business days or less. For those immediate-need situations a rush service of one to three days is available (in most cases, with little or no charge).

 We provide fast and accurate evaluations with no hidden fees. No evaluation fees and no service fees if repair is declined**.

 DIS has a very large parts inventory. This inventory is necessary to support our repairs with quick turn-around. Our policy is to replace parts with better quality than original, if possible.

 Our work is supported by our standard two year warranty policy which exceeds most all manufacture's or competitor's warranties.

 DIS has an outstanding warranty ratio. Possibly one of the lowest warranty ratios in the industry. Majority of our repairs are still in operation after five+ years from last service.

 A repair service report is available with every repair. This report provides a general accounting of what was done to the unit. It is written by the individual that performed the repair.

 With our exclusive custom equipment, DIS performs in-circuit testing and environmental stress testing to ensure unit will work within specified specifications.


    * NIST certification can be provided upon request as all repairs are calibrated using NIST traceable standards.
    ** Shipping & Handling Fees would apply.


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Discount Instrumentation Services (Hereafter known as DIS) repairs, sells new, rebuilt and surplus products and develops channels to purchase such products.
DIS does not represent with nor an authorized distributor or claim any affiliation of any manufacturer, brand or product listed. All items sold by DIS are covered under DIS' warranty and not the manufacturer warranty.
We fully acknowledge all trademarks and/or names which are pictured and/or listed throughout the DIS website.
Designated trademarks, brand names and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners.

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