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ABB Mass
Flow Documents

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| FCM2000 | FMT400 | K-Flow Series |

  FCM2000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Series


    For the flow and density measurement of liquids - Dated: November 2003

    Dated: December 2006 - Revision 8

    Instruction Manuals:
    Operating Instructions - Revision 5

    Technical Documents:
    Flow Measuring Technologies: Why use Mass Meters?
    Competitive selling vs. Micro Motion
    Competitive selling vs. Micro Motion: Straight Tube vs. Bent Tube


  FMT400 Thermal Mass Flow Meter Series


    Thermal Mass Flowmeters: Sensyflow - Revision D

    Dated: December 2010 - Revision E

    Instruction Manuals:
    Operating Instructions - Revision 6
    Commissioning Instructions - Dated: October 2010
    User Manual: Sensyflow FMT Sizing & Selection Software - Dated: March 2009


  K-Flow Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Series


    Issue 6 - Dated: 1998
    Dated: 2002

    Instruction Manuals:
    Installation/Operating Instructions: Series 1200 Transmitters, K2-K15000 Flow Sensors - Issue 8
    Advanced Users Guide: Series 1205, 1210, 1220 Transitters, K2-K15000 Flow Sensors - Issue 2
    ScrewDRIVER: Communication Program for K-Series - Issue 5.5
    Ploss for Windows: Sizing Program for K-Series - Issue 6.0

    Manual Supplements:
    Mounting K4000 or K15000 MassMeter Sensor - Issue 1

    Technical Documents:
    Level 4 Password**

    Software Downloads:
    ScrewDRIVER - Version 6 Alpha 2 (Windows 98/NT/2000)**

    ** For Authorized Service Use only


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